Plastic-Free Travel Soap Case

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Plastic-Free Travel Soap Case


A lovely, sustainable accessory for your next trip or gym visit…

The soap holder itself might look like plastic. Still, it’s made from a wood-based bioplastic (in other words, liquid wood) called Arboform, which is composed of natural materials like lignin (30%), cellulose (60%), beech wood, flex and hemp fibres.

In order to produce liquid wood, all these natural materials are heated to create a fibre composite that can be machine processed into shaped parts, but unlike synthetic thermoplastics, is compostable.

What we like the most:

– the fact that it is 100% biodegradable at the end of its life

– it can be home-composted or even burnt

– it is an innovative, environmentally-friendly product

– its slightly woody odour

– is lighter than synthetic plastics

 – it is water-resistant and strong

– it’s a small, practical, minimalist design

All our body and facial soap bars fit into the soap cases only after they have been used a few times. 

Protect small pieces of soap on the road or in the bathroom.

We’ve thought long and hard about every packaging decision and believe we are as close to the plastic-free, zero-waste ideal as possible.


The soap dish comes with integrated ridges to help the soap stay dry, but please, keep it dry between uses and shake the water off your soap before placing it into the case.

Soap case measurements: 9 x 6.5 x 3,5 cm