White Mausu Smoky Chilli Oil

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Smoky Chilli Oil  (No 5 )
A straight up chilli oil (sort of)... so less focus on texture and more focus on flavour. Expect far fewer "bits" but no less "oomph" .
We've worked some alchemy in the kitchen for this one by deeply infusing the oil with a two step process: first we impart the flavour of star anise & cinnamon and then bring in the heat using Morita (a type of Chipotle Chilli) alongside our blend of Chilli Flakes and Gochugaru which brings that lovely, deep, satisfying red. It's smoky, spicy, salty and sweet.
How to use: Sandwiches, rice, noodles, beans, on top of dips like making a hummus feel a little extra.