'Wee' Terrazzo Tumblers

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A small tumbler suitable for hot drinks or cold, a smooth rounded base for a deeply comforting hold. You won’t want to put it down!

This rangel feels like a party on a ceramics surface! Creamy white stoneware clay, decorated with a stellar line up of black, blue and yellow underglaze splatters and finished with a gloss transparent glaze.

Wheel thrown and hand finished.

Each piece is created by hand. The hand crafted nature of these products is evidenced by the subtle differences from piece to piece. A small variation in glaze finish or slight differences in form are all part of what it means for a piece to be entirely moulded by hand. 

Made using white stoneware clay before firing to 900°c. Glazed using high fire food safe glaze and fired again to 1240°c. The Terrazzo range is:

  1. Heat safe

  2. Dishwasher safe

  3. Microwave safe    GB1