Sunset Salthill Mini - Blue and Green

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From the maker:

" Introducing our Handmade Wood Mini of Salthill – a captivating piece of art that captures the essence of Salthill in a compact form. This exquisite creation is meticulously handcrafted from quality wood and features a stunning array of bright colors, mirroring the vibrancy of this coastal gem.

Standing proudly on its included stand, this mini masterpiece brings the beauty of Salthill right into your home or office. It's a scaled-down version of our larger, renowned piece, meticulously designed to retain all the intricate details and charm.

Whether you have a deep connection to Salthill or simply appreciate the beauty of coastal landscapes, our Handmade Wood Mini of Salthill is the perfect addition to your décor. Bring a touch of seaside serenity and artistic craftsmanship into your space with this remarkable miniature artwork."


12 x 20cm