Stone Valley 250g Whole Beans - Some Day You'll Return - Peru

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Altitude - 1600 MASL

Preparation - Washed

Location - San Antonia, Huabal, Peru

Variety - Catuai, Castillo

Profile - Caramel, Orange, Red Berries

Some of our labels and coffee names are more subtle than others but if you don’t recognise a 1937 14-fret National Style "O" Resonator then I just don’t know what to say to you. We really like this tasty Peruvian delight but what do we know? The NME described Brothers in Arms as the "tritest would-be melodies in history, the last word in tranquilising chord changes, the most cloying lonesome playing and ultimate in transparently fake troubador sentiment ever to ooze out of a million-dollar recording studio" and I think it’s great! Make a stand for Dire Straits and order this coffee to really stick it to the NME.


They did go out of business a couple of years ago so maybe the point won’t land but really it’s a matter of principle and it will make you feel better