Stone Valley 250g Whole Beans - Listen to the Rhyme - Honduras

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Altitude - 1700 MASL

Preparation - Natural

Location - Nacaome, Valle, Honduras

Variety - Catuai

Profile - Tropical Fruits, Boozy, Juicy, Clean & Balanced

El Puente is an 83 hectare farm where the farmers have kept faithful to the task of taking care of the soil, finding the best micro-climates, studying better varieties and processes that help them to obtain only the best characteristics in a cup. In regards to sustainability, the farm has been providing permanent jobs with salaries above the average to the families in the community, educates them about environmental subjects to improve and preserve the natural resources, planting 4,000 trees such as cypress, pine, grevilleas and other timber trees every year, and supports the local school by donating food, books, supplies and structure improvements.

For us this coffee is ideally suited to filter coffee drinkers. Even though it’s naturally processed it has a super light and delicate body and you can expect notes of juicy tropical fruits and blueberries. Probably a little bit bright for most espresso drinkers!