Stone Valley 250g Whole Beans - Laid Back - Guatemala

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Altitude - 1475 - 1600 MASL

Preparation - Washed

Location - Department of Solola, San Lucas Toliman municipality, Atitlan region

Variety - Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai

Profile - White Chocolate, Raspberry, Caramel

Guatemalan coffees are some of our absolute favourites here at Stone valley. This particular coffee comes from Andres Fahsen, a 5th generation farmer! He provides a living wage and working benefits for his employees that are not common in most Guatemalan coffee farms. Andrés also has a passion for sustainable, organic agro-forestry farming in order to protect and preserve the sublime land and life on the farm for generations to come.

In the cup we're tasting notes of juicy red fruits with a really pleasant acidity. When paired with milk it reminds us of a raspberry and white chocolate blondie. Tastes equally good as a long black or filter.

Recommended Listening: The Warning - Hot Chip, 2006