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If you like your coffee vibrant and fruity, bursting with juicy acidity, then you're Kenya has to be one of your top coffee origins! Despite its global reputation for high-quality coffee, the Kenyan coffee industry has had a difficult time in the last few years! In 2016, the entire industry almost collapsed due to coffee rust (a pest that affects the Arabica coffee plant) wiping out almost a third of the year's production. In the years that followed, we struggled to find Kenyan coffee with the vibrant, berry forward flavour profile that we loved so much... That is until now! This years crop of AA Kianyaga sees Kenyan coffee return to its former glory as a vibrant, bright and berry forward coffee that we just can't get enough of!

This coffee is farmed by local smallholding farmers that live on the foothills of Mount Kenya. Since the coffee rust incident a few years back, farmers have begun diversifying their production. This specific lot is made up of SL28, SL34, Ruiri 11 and Batian. The farmers handpick the ripest cherries and deliver them to the Kianyaga wet mill for processing. The coffee is then pulped, fermented washed, and dried with meticulous attention to detail. Kianyaga washing station is part of the Baragwi society which operates 12 washing stations around Kenya and rotates station manager between then to share knowledge and progress that they've made. The evidence of this effort to push progress and quality is really evident in this particular lot.

In the cup, this coffee is an absolute fruit bomb! Vibrant and bright acidity dances across the palate to give a very berry forward flavour profile with lingering flavours of blueberry and black cherry and a sticky plum-like sweetness to bring it all home. Other people have found heavier stone fruit flavours in the coffee such as peach and nectarine and picked up the likes of raspberry and blackcurrant! We are loving this coffee in a V60 but it is sure to deliver a flavour explosion in all brew methods. Get a bag today and let us know what you taste and how you're brewing it.