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Just because it's decaf doesn't mean it can't taste just as great as regular coffee! Our decaf is sourced and roasted with the same attention to detail as all our coffees and equally as delicious!

Here are some pro tips for brewing decaf!

  • With the decaf process, some of the flavour can be lost along with the caffeine - to counter this, dose a little more coffee per cup.
  • If you want a coffee that packs a little more of a punch, but it's too late in the day for a full cup, try blending your decaf with another of our single origins for a half-caff coffee drink.

Soma Decaf Coffee Details

  • Origin - Djimma, Ethiopia
  • Varietal - Mixed Heirloom
  • Process - Sparkling Water CO2 Decaf
  • Notes - Orange Peel, Honey, Jasmine
  • Cupping Score - 84