Soma Coffee - Ethiopia - Bale Mountain

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  • Despite also being a natural Ethiopian with a cupping score of 89, this coffee is vastly different to the tropical funk of our last high scoring Ethiopian, but nonetheless, a delight to drink in any brew method.

    Bale Mountain is a coffee farm in the Bale Mountain National Park, situated in the West Arsi region (formerly a part of the renowned Guji region) of Ethiopia. It is owned by Israel Degfa, the same producer who brought us the showstopper from Debeka Farm (our previous 89 pointer). Israel is an experienced producer, with multiple washing stations and an incredible eye for quality. Although Bale Mountain is relatively new, the 100 hectares of farm is filling up with heirloom varieties and producing some incredible results.

    It is very unusual to have a naturally processed coffee with a floral driven flavour profile - the florals usually become overpowered by the heavy fruit and funky natural flavours - however with its jasmine forward flavour profile, balanced out by a juicy lime acidity and a honey like sweetness, that is exactly what we have here. The way that the delicate flavours have remained in tact really is a testament to the attention to detail that the producers put in to the farming and processing of this coffee. This is the perfect coffee for those winter pour overs - sweet and juicy with complexity to excite any coffee lovers.

    Coffee Details

    • Origin - West Arso

    • Producer - Israel Degfa

    • Varietal - Heirloom Varietals

    • Altitude - 1800 masl

    • Process - Natural

    • Notes - Jasmine, Lime & honey

    • Cupping Score - 89