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  • Brazilian coffee is definitely the coffee for the people. Their versatility in brew methods combined with their biscuity, nutty and chocolatey flavours that are perfect with milk makes them a hugely popular choice. This Brazilian is farmed by Antonia Benedito Costa who is particularly fond of working with the Tupi varietal. Tupi is a harder to grow coffee than most other varieties found in Brazil, but the complexities in the cup make it worth the extra work.

    We found classic Brazilian tasting notes in this coffee of buttery shortbread, cashews and chocolate chip. Having said that, our suppliers found clear tasting notes of a rare Brazilian fruit called Feijoa. We’ve never tried Feijoa, but we’re always interested in new and unique flavours and thought this one was worth mentioning.

    This is a delicious coffee that with a sweet buttery body that really shines in milky beverages and is sure to be a treat for all.

    Coffee Details

    • Origin - Brazil, Mogiana

    • Producer - Antonia Benedito Costa

    • Varietal - Tupi

    • Altitude - 1050masl

    • Process - Natural

    • Notes - Buttery shortbread, cashew and chocolate chip

    • Cupping Score - 85