Soma Coffee - Brazil - Paraiso Farm [Strawbs]

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  • While we've always been big fans of Brazilian coffee at Soma, they can tend to be quite similar to each other (chocolate and nuts all day long - what's not to like?). Having said that, sometimes a Brazilian comes along that is sticky, sweet, boozy, fruity, and just generally mind-blowing in many ways. This Brazilian is definitely an exception to the rule: not only is it incredibly unique for a Brazilian, but It's also one of the highest-scoring Brazilians we've had and is our first anaerobic processed coffee.

    This coffee comes from the Cerrado region in Brazil and was produced by Jorge Bakarat. Jorge was a city boy by birth and a civil engineer by trade, but as a young man found himself in the coffee industry, and immediately, he knew that he had found his calling. This particular coffee has been processed using anaerobic fermentation - this process adds boozy qualities to the cup that remind us of rum while accentuating the strawberry flavours and giving the coffee an incredible fruit-forward profile. It also has a candy-like sweetness that can only be compared to bubblegum. 

    As our first anaerobic coffee, we are delighted at how incredibly delicious the results have been - we have yet to try this coffee in a brew method we don't love. Buy a bag today and see for yourself!

    Coffee Details

    • Origin - Cerrado, BR
    • Producer - Jorge Bakarat
    • Varietal - Yellow Bourbon
    • Altitude - 9070 masl
    • Process - Hot Anaerobic / Natural
    • Notes - Strawberry, Bubblegum, Rum
    • Cupping Score - 87