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  • Macaubas Farm is here to offer you everything it is that we love about Brazilian coffee. With this lot literally being named after cacao nibs, it comes as no surprise that it brings that chocolate forward flavour that makes Brazilian coffee a firm favourite for everyone.

    This coffee comes from the Cerrado region in Brazil, a region that has become synonymous with high-grade, Brazilian specialty coffee. It's been produced by Carlos Behrend and his family who have been farming coffee in Brazil since the 1940s and have brought almost a century of expertise to the production of this coffee. With tasting notes of cacao nibs and candied orange, you can expect this coffee to bring back memories of eating Terry's Chocolate Oranges at easter time. As with most Brazilian coffees, this one is versatile and has something to offer in all brew methods. Get yours today.

    Coffee Details

    • Origin - Cerrado, BR
    • Producer - Carlos Behrend
    • Varietal - Mundo Nuovo
    • Altitude - 950 masl
    • Process -  Natural
    • Notes - Candied Orange, Cacao Nibs 
    • Cupping Score - 85