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  • Rwanda - Mahembe

  • Tasting Notes - Hops, Strawberry & Lemon Zest

  • Origin - Nyamasheke, Mahembe

  • Producer - Justin Musabyiama

  • Varietal - Red Bourbon

  • Altitude - 1900masl

  • Process - Washed

  • Score - 86.75

With tasting notes of fresh strawberry and lemon zest coupled with a delicate hoppy bitterness that dances on the back of the palate, this coffee’s complexity us definitely something to get excited about. It lends itself to many different brew methods with the hops and strawberry being the dominant flavours in unfiltered brews (such as French press or espresso style brews) and the lemon zest becoming more dominant in place of the hops as you filter more of the oils out using paper filter methods (Such as a Chemex or V60).

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