Ripsnorter - Rwanda - Rugori - Filter - 200G Whole Beans

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What is happening in Rwanda is truly amazing, we at Ripsnorter love and believe so so much in that country. The way and at the rate that they are developing their country is breathtaking. They have a goal and everyone is on board and really working together as one, their mindset is unbelievable and refreshing.

This coffee learns from the Rwandan culture and acknowledges women’s work in the coffee value chain. Rugori “women’s crown” is a crown that women in Rwanda are given after giving their first birth as a symbol of motherhood. It is a symbol of respect and recognition of their contribution to society. Considering that more than 70% of Gasharu Coffee employees are women, this coffee is meant to continue recognising women’s contribution to the coffee community and creating a transparent framework that benefits them with additional proceedings resulting from their work.

Double fermentation washed. The cherries are pulped and fermented in a tank for 12 hours that gives the coffee its cherry flavour note. After that, the beans are washed and put into barrels for anaerobic fermentation for another 8 hours which results in stone fruits and white tea finish.