Peridot Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Gourmet Coupage 500ml

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Peridot Coupage is a beautiful harmony of 100% certified organic hojiblanca, picuda and picual olives grown high on the Sierra Subbetica mountains in Andalucia Spain.

The alluring green gemstone colour of the early harvest oil matches its sublime aroma, fresh flavour with a taste that is fruity, well balanced, wholesome and of medium rich intensity. Peridot will illuminate and enhance, turning good food into sublime dishes.

One of the best measures of quality for an Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the acidity level and the acidity level of Peridot Coupage Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 0.19%.
As the acidity level is so low, Peridot is beautifully smooth and silky on the taste buds with a little hint of polyphenol pepperiness at the back of the throat.

A joy for those with a passion for flavour, rich taste and connoisseurs for the finest quality produce that nature can produce.

From The Maker:

Peridot was created on the back of a 6 year love story where our family lived in Andalucia until late 2020. During that time we all became big admirers, daily consumers and very passionate about the high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils produced in Spain.
That taste appreciation journey allowed us to become very knowledgeable as to what constitutes an Extra Virgin Olive Oil to that of a gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil.