Orange Honeycomb Hex - Milk Chocolate

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🍫 Orange Honeycomb Hex - Milk Chocolate: Delight in the Fusion of Citrus & Creaminess 🍫h4>


Dive deep into a sensory journey where the refreshing zest of oranges effortlessly entwines with the silky embrace of milk chocolate, punctuated by our iconic bubbly crunch of our Honeycomb. 🌟


🌟 What's Inside


Imagine the marriage of tangy orange zest and lush caramel notes, crowned by our signature crispy honeycomb texture. A trio destined to enamor.


🍯 Inspired By


Our humble beginnings showcased two cherished flavors: White and Milk Chocolate. The love we received inspired us to innovate, leading to the birth of our distinctive Buíoch honeycomb. The Orange Honeycomb Hex is a testament to our passionate journey, fueled by flavor adventures and enthusiastic customer feedback.


🐝 The Outside


Beyond the delectable insides, every Hex is graced with a cheerful bee emblem, a nod to our tiny winged muses. Collaborating with the talented @charlottebrgs_illustrations, the vibrant visuals encapsulating each Hex's essence came to life, forming an intrinsic part of our brand's narrative.


🎨 Fun Fact


The radiant watercolors adorning our packs have a secret ingredient, harmonizing with the product's very essence and creating an artful connection..


🌍 Eco-conscious Packaging


We believe in luxury with responsibility. Relish the taste while taking comfort in knowing that every Honeycomb Hex package is 100% recyclable.


🌿 Cocoa Horizons Support


The creamy goodness of our milk chocolate is sourced responsibly from cocoa beans nurtured by dedicated farmers in regions like Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Ecuador. Every bite contributes to empowering these communities and fostering sustainable practices.


🍀 Handmade in Ireland


More than a treat, each Hex is a crafted narrative of dedication, local touch, and the heart of Ireland.


🔍 Ingredients


MILK Chocolate[55%][sugar 42.0%; cocoa butter 24.0%; whole MILK powder 22.5%; cocoa mass 11.0%; emulsifier: SOYA lecithin <1%; natural vanilla flavouring <1%], honeycomb 45% [sugar, bicarbonate soda], orange extract >1%