Honeycomb Hex - Milk Chocolate

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🍫 Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Hex - A Timeless Classic 🍫


Embark on a nostalgic journey with this Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Hex. Celebrating the perfect symphony of rich milk chocolate and authentic crunchy honeycomb, it's a testament to the age-old adage: classics never fade. 🌟


🌟 What's Inside


Revel in the timeless fusion of luscious milk chocolate paired harmoniously with crispy honeycomb. A tribute to our roots and the essence of true flavour.


🍯 Inspired By


Our beginnings were humble, with two foundational flavours – White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. Their instant acclaim propelled our culinary exploration, culminating in our unique Buíoch honeycomb recipe, an ode to genuine Irish Honey.


🐝 The Outside


An homage to nature's diligent workers, each hex features a jubilant bee. In collaboration with @charlottebrgs_illustrations, we've captured the spirit of our ingredients in art, accentuating the allure of every Honeycomb Hex.


🎨 Fun Fact


Imbibing the nectar essence, the watercolour paints employed in our illustrations contain honey, rendering our Honeycomb Hexes a tribute to honey - inside and out.


🌍 Eco-conscious Packaging


Our commitment to the planet is unwavering. Every Honeycomb Hex you hold is wrapped in 100% recyclable packaging.


🌿 Cocoa Horizons Support


Relish the taste that has a heart. With cocoa sourced from devoted farming communities in Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Ecuador, your indulgence supports their growth, skills, and brighter futures.


🍀 Handmade in Ireland | Vegetarian Delight


A gastronomic masterpiece, sculpted with passion and Irish craftsmanship.


🔍 Ingredients


MILK Chocolate[55%][sugar 42.0%; cocoa butter 24.0%; whole MILK powder 22.5%; cocoa mass 11.0%; emulsifier: SOYA lecithin <1%; natural vanilla flavouring <1%], honeycomb 45% [sugar, bicarbonate soda]