Farmhand Coffee - Filter | El Bombo- Colombia - 250g Wholebean Coffee

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Country of Origin: Colombia

Farm name: Asobombo

Location: Pitalito, Hulio

Producers: Asombomo Cooperative

Altitude: 1500-1850 masl

Varieties: Pink Bourbon

Processing: Fully Washed

Harvest and Shipping: Year Round

Farm Size: 1-5 Hecters

Suggested Brew Method: Filter

Roasters Cupping Notes: In terms of taste notes I found lemon and pineapple to dominate the fruit side. I found the coffee to have a buttery and creamy texture and the aroma of cacao nibs. - Peter

For me, I found the citrus notes to be somewhere between lemon and mandarin. A nice taste of green apple and a small hint of raspberry to follow and a hint of vanilla on the after taste. - Grace


Experience the delightful flavors of Pink Bourbon coffee from the Asobombo Cooperative in Pitalito, Huila, Colombia. This specialty coffee is known for its sweet and balanced taste profile, featuring notes of bright Granny Smith apple, delicate florals, and a beautiful creamy aroma. The Pink Bourbon variety, a cross between Yellow and Red Bourbon, offers a unique cup with strong floral aromas and a pleasant acidity reminiscent of East African coffees. What sets Pink Bourbon apart is its higher glucose content, resulting in a sweeter cup, a silkier body, and a luscious mouthfeel. The coffee is meticulously processed by hand, with ripe, red cherries selectively picked and carefully fermented for optimal flavor development. The cooperative comprises over 80 dedicated members who work together to achieve organic certification and ensure fair, sustainable prices for their hard work. Grown at altitudes between 1,500 and 1,850 meters above sea level in the renowned coffee-growing region of Huila, Colombia, these beans benefit from the fertile volcanic soil and the abundant water supply from the Magdalena River. With its rich coffee heritage, Colombia continues to produce exceptional coffees with diverse flavors, and this Pink Bourbon offering showcases the country's commitment to quality. Enjoy a cup of Asobombo Pink Bourbon and savor the unique taste and story behind this exceptional Colombian coffee.