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Java’s cup quality can rival Geisha and this coffee, produced by the Ferrufino family in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, gives Geisha a run for its money.

Dr. Enrique Ferrufino, a surgeon by trade, was born and raised on a coffee farm in the mountains of Matagalpa in 1956. Together with his wife Silvia, a pediatrician, the Ferrufino family decided to go into the coffee business in 1992 and bought Finca Aurora in 2004. They inspired in their three children a love for coffee from a very early age. Since they acquired Finca Aurora, the whole family has worked together to produce great coffee.

One of the core values of the business is to inspire people through coffee. Throughout the years they have invested in providing workers with fair wages, safe living conditions, health services, food and education. They also work with smaller producers in the area to help them improve their farming practices.

Preserving nature is a top priority for the Ferrufino family. They work using a “biodynamic” model. This means farming is done in tune with the local ecosystem. They only use renewable energy and work diligently on conserving water resources and natural habitats. The farm houses a variety of native trees, home to many species of birds and wildlife. These trees also provide the plantation with shade and fertilize the soils with organic matter, which protects the land from erosion, droughts and floods.

Java is a high-quality variety common to Central America. It’s high disease tolerance and low fertilizer requirement makes it a great choice for smallholder farmers focused on specialty production. Descended from the Ethiopian landrace variety, Abysinia, the Dutch introduced the variety to the Indonesian island of Java in the early 19th century. The cup quality can rival Geisha yet is easier to cultivate and more disease resistant as well.


Country of origin: Nicaragua

Farm name: Finca Aurora

Location: Matagalpa

Producers: Enrique Ferrufino

Altitude: 1200-1400masl

Varieties: Java

Processing: Natural

Harvest & Shipping: December-March 2021

Farm Size: 242 hectares

SCA Quality Score: 88

Suggested brew method: Filter