Ethos - Balance Hemp Tea

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This is a vibrant collection of sweet botanicals, mint and calming earthy undertones. In a busy world, this blend will help bring daily peace and clarity.

Our organically grown Irish hemp is combined with:

  • Tulsi – a herb used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to help people find space and clarity 
  • Lemongrass – uplifting and purifying contributing to positive feelings 
  • Apple – naturally sweet and packed with important properties for wellbeing
  • Rose Hip – a delicate fruit from the rose plant widely used as a source of antioxidants and vitamins

Apple (36%), tulsi (22%), hemp (cannabis sativa) (20%), lemongrass (13%), rosehip (5%), chamomile, marigold, black pepper, peppermint, lavender, cudweed, cardamon, valerian.

All ingredients are certified organic.

Loose leaf: Caffeine free and vegan friendly.