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        • Ethiopia - Uraga Bildimoo

        • Tasting Notes - Mango Sorbet & Lavender

        • Origin - Guji, Uraga

        • Producer - Uraga Washing Station

        • Varietal - Heirloom

        • Altitude - 2400masl

        • Process - Washed

        • Score - 87

        • Ethiopia has always been a favourite origin of ours here at Soma. The clarity, intensity of flavour and complexity in Ethiopian coffee is second to none, and this new offering does not disappoint. This washed Ethiopian coffee boasts vibrant flavours of mango sorbet with intense lavender aromas.

        • On espresso, the intense florals really come to the forefront with the sweet lavender notes dancing on the palate complemented by vibrant stone fruit acidity. These floral notes are particularly delicious as straight espresso or a short black americano. When brewed as a filter the floral aromas are still present, but sweet stone fruit and mango sorbet become the dominant flavours.