Imbibe Coffee Roasters - El Puente - 250g Wholebean Coffee

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El Puente

Origin - Colombia

Process - Washed

Tasting notes: Red Apple, Cocoa, Fudge


From the Roasters:

El Puente is a coffee close to our hearts and it’s named after a footbridge we funded in Planadas, Colombia which enables children to cross a river to get to school. They had previously been crossing on tree trunks. The bridge opened in December 2019. Images show what we started with and where we ended up.

Now in 2020 we’re building a second bridge and purchases of this coffee help to achieve that goal. The new bridge will enable children to access a school playground. The attached image shows how they’re currently doing that. As you can see it’s precarious to say the least.

The ASOPEP Co-Op is recognised for it’s quality and consistency in cup profiles. Producers here have an average of 2.5 hectares each and are spread throughout the municipality of Planadas.