Deforestation - Ecology Series - A3 Print

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Handmade collage + acrylic printed on 100% recycled paper

"Deforestation" asks that we bring equilibrium back to our relationship with the Earth's lungs - trees. Images of log piles remind us 46% of trees have been felled since humans started cutting down forests. In 2020 alone, 8.6 million acres in the U.S. were touched by wildfire due to human activity or dryness. 

The Rorschach inkblot could be interpreted as a mask by the collective psyche of 2020, although historically it was most commonly interpreted as two four-legged creatures.

Deforestation, systemic racism, a global respiratory virus... these themes of 2020 are sewn together by the ecology of disease and expressed in words like "I can't breathe."

"Ecology of Disease" is a series that expresses the interconnectedness of humankind and the natural world. The imagery is used to prismatically express what 2020 has un-masked. It hopes to convey a sense of empowerment and responsibility as we re-write the new normal.