Eco Friendly Wood Dangle Earrings | Gold Scoops

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Beautiful handmade wooden statement earrings with accents of gold to give them a beautiful classical look.

Earrings are laser cut from sustainable wood.  A sprinkle of gold powder has been added to these pieces, which gives them a lovely shimmer. They are then finished with some brass pieces & an ecological resin has been applied to give them a lovely shine, this also helps protect your earrings.

Earring Details:
• Dimensions: approx 51mm tall (2") with 25mm hoops or 15mm studs, you choose
• As is the nature of handmade, no two pieces are exactly the same. Wood knots in the grain are not considered a fault, just mother nature doing her thing.
• Even though these pieces have been sealed, due to the natural properties of wood, these are not intended to be worn in the shower.