Farmhand Coffee - Ethiopia Lalissa Yirgacheffe G1- 250g Wholebean I Filter

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The producer Mulunesh Biftu cultivates coffee at the towering heights of 2,060 meters above sea level. In the cup, the coffee bursts with tropical fruit, citrus and chocolate. Lalisaa is a term used to describe something that is flourishing and growing. Our Lalisaa coffees began with the recognition that the supply chain in Ethiopia was failing to benefit smallholder farmers or reward them for producing quality coffee.

The program encourages strong growing practices, rewards the production of quality coffee and helps farmers take control of their part of the supply chain by partnering directly with smallholders.

New farmers are onboarded each year for a training program that is intended to help farmers improve yields and quality while also accessing new markets and financial services. Farmers in the program participate in a wide range of activities including designing, and later revising, a farm management plan, accessing financing for larger farm projects and more.