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Lactic Fermentation

Papaya | Honey | Strawberry Tart

Altitude | 1300-1600 masl

Process | Honey

Variety | Sigarar Utang, Andung Sari,
Lini S, Ateng Super, P88, Bor-Bor

It is a strange feeling to be bringing the new crop of Wildan Mustofa's Frinsa Estate into the fold. Last year's Frinsa was one of our trusty go-tos in the unsteady days of March 2020 and one of our most popular options as the webshop exploded into lockdown activity soon after!

This year's offering is a little different. Whereas our 2020 foray into Indonesia's rich coffee landscape was an exploration of the Sigarar Utang variety, this year's has more of a focus on process and fermentation. The Sigarar Utang is now mixed with other local varieties but the anaerobic fermentation of the cherry after picking is far from traditional.

After harvest, floating and sorting, the cherries are placed in plastic bags with lactic bacteria added. They're regularly turned for even fermentation and after three days, the cherries are pulped and dried on raised beds with mucilage in a honey process.

We think it works...Enjoy!