Cloud Picker Coffee I Guatemala | Mam I Espresso

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Chocolate Truffle | Cherry | Hazelnut


Altitude | 1500-2000 masl 

Process | Fully Washed

Variety | Pache

Our second Guatemalan coffee of 2020 yields some beautifully complex chocolate notes and a seriously tasty espresso shot!

The indigenous Mam people of Guatemala trace their history to a kingdom in the Mayan empire, based around the ancient city of Zaculeu. The modern city in this location, Huehuetenango City, is the capital of Huehuetenango department - one of the most well-known coffee growing regions in the country and world.

The smallholders who contribute to this coffee have been using the same traditional farming techniques for years. These include using the organic fertiliser from sheep, harvesting communally and growing different crops based on the steep slopes of the landscape in the region.

Farmers process their own coffee with the help of the many streams and rivers that populate the area. After hand-picking, the cherries are hand-pulped and fermented. The remaining mucilage is then removed and the beans are washed laid out to dry on raised beds and patios.