2 Colour Circular Studs

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Large Circular Studs

2.5cm Diameter, white earthenware ceramic clay piece. Stainless Steel Earring Post.

Ceramic Designer & Artist Sinéad finds huge inspiration in the unseen or less noticed aspects of nature. Created locally from her home in Rosscahill, Galway, she is inspired by the patterns that shape our natural surroundings such as the colours and forms that hare created through erosion and weathering on rocks.

Throughout history, clay has shaped our cutlery and weapons, our homes and farms, and even adorned our skin. So there’s a certain comforting familiarity with ceramics. It harkens back to our connection with the land and with nature. I wanted to capture that spirit, and continue the ceramics tradition.

But I also wanted to make jewellery that was individual and unique at each iteration, which is why each piece is handmade."