Carrow Coffee - BUSINDE/FILTER

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Variety: Red Bourbon | Process: Washed  | Altitude: 1650-1800 MASL | Harvest: June 2020 | Producer: Smallholder Farmers, Businde washing station | Region: Buyenzi, Kayanza

Bright and rich, with notes of peach tea, brown sugar and lavender.

Burundian coffee plantations were replanted after the warn-torn 1990s, resulting in a dramatic increase in cup quality. This lot is a great example, displaying delicate aromas of rose blossom, a bright acidity and rich body. Tasting notes include peach tea, brown sugar, with a hint of lavender on the finish. The local farmers who supply the Businde washing station received a premium that was 20% above the local market rate this season - a just reward for producing a coffee of this quality!