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Country: Guatemala
Producer: Tony Medina 
Region: Chimaltenango, Antigua
Process: Washed
Variety: Caturra
Altitude: 1,700 masl 

La Colina, translated to ‘The Hill’ is the name of the farm owned and run by second generation coffee producer Tony Medina. Tony Inherited the land from his father who distributed his farm as smaller plots among his children. Initially, Tony only planted basic grains like corn and beans, but had always dreamed of farming coffee. Aware of the high stakes involved, he began working on different farms to learn and gain experience, and in 1991 his first coffee tree was planted. 

Slowly but steadily, Tony increased his production, and after 25 years his hard work and perseverance has really paid off. Today you will find both Caturra and Bourbon varieties at the farm but it’s only cherries picked from the Caturra plants that make up this espresso. In the future he plans to build raised beds to further improve the consistency of his drying.

Compared to the more delicate profiles you might expect from Huehuetenango, coffees from Antigua tend to be more full bodied and jammy. Ideal for espresso! This coffee is well balanced, syrupy sweet and has a bright berry-like acidity. Delicious with or without milk.