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Nougat & Dried Fig
Harvest: October 2020

Country: Brazil
Producer: Pedro Pin
Farm: Fazenda Córrego Capivara
Region: Espirito Santo
Process: Pulped Natural
Variety: Yellow Catucai
Altitude: 900 masl

Of all the coffee producing regions, Espirito Santo is surely one of the most compelling.  The unique climate and high altitudes found in this region makes growing coffee difficult, but the quality is unlike anything else you will find in Brazil. The coffees here are complex, vibrant and very sweet, and an extraordinary example of just how good coffees from this part of the world can be. 

One of the biggest challenges growing coffee here, is the varying rates at which the cherries ripen, making hand picking a necessity. This can be costly and labour intensive but it’s great for quality as only perfectly ripe cherries are picked and processed. 

Produced by Pedro Pin, this is the first year we’ve bought coffee from his family’s farm Fazenda Córrego Capivara. Pedro grew up working on the farm alongside his nephew Jeverson Pin and in 2002, they resolved to form a partnership and focus on improving the quality of their production. Today, a staggering 21 hectares of coffee is picked and depulped by hand, yielding 700 bags annually. 

We’ve tasted so many great coffees from Espririto Santo this year and we think the flavours and sweetness of this lot makes a fantastic espresso! Expect a big body and juicy acidity, with notes of nougat, dried fig and chocolate.