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Nectarine & Rose

Harvest: July 2020
Country: Colombia
Producer: Maria Rovira Munoz
Region: Huila
Process: Washed
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Altitude: 1,800 masl

Red and Yellow bourbon are common coffee varieties found throughout Latin America, but in Colombia a rare hybridisation has occurred producing plants with cherries that ripen pink! Slowly these seeds spread across the country, and only recently have producers begun to pick and process them separately. Still not much is known about this cultivar but the plants are productive, require very little fertiliser and show good resistance to pests and disease. We’ve been lucky to taste some of these coffees over the past few years and we’re always impressed by the quality, complexity and unusual botanical flavour. 

Maria Rovira Munoz is a quality driven producer from Huila, Colombia. Five years ago, she took a gamble and decided to plant Pink Bourbon on her small 2 hectare farm.  Only recently have the yields from these trees been big enough to be picked and processed separately, and we think the results are amazing! With flavours of nectarine, rose and blood orange, this coffee is botanical, silky and sweet. Perfect for all types of filter brewing, and quite different to what we’ve come to expect from Colombia.