Buzzin’ -Womens Socks Size 3-7

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Buzzin' socks are the winning design of our 2023 edition of Design Your Own Socks Competition designed by the very talented Rachel Rothwell.

Inspiration behind the design:
Bees are fascinating little creatures and I love watching them! My mum has kept bees for years and this piece is inspired by those little critters living at the bottom of her garden in Wexford. They have often featured in my paintings and the idea of seeing them on my feet too has me buzzing!

Rachel Rothwell is an Irish artist based in Zurich. She studied ceramics in Limerick before jetting off to explore the world. She has exhibited across Europe and in South Korea and has been awarded residencies in Ireland and Finland, and completed her MA degree in Geneva in 2019. Rachel is passionate about the environment and enjoys creating playful doodles that celebrate our planet, using a mix of inks, found materials and digital tools to bring her scenes to life. She explores themes of community, modern life and the environment in her work. She currently works at a local art gallery in the city centre, and when she’s not there she can be found enjoying the lake or sketching in the park!

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