Buíoch - Peppermint Bar

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🌿 Peppermint Dark Bliss: Deep, Dark & Decadent! 🍫


Tread into the deepest realms of chocolate with our darkest indulgence. Our 70% Belgian dark chocolate, infused with a splash of peppermint, promises a journey of intensity and invigoration. 🌬


🍫 What's Inside


Our most intense chocolate experience! An exquisite blend of 70% dark Belgian chocolate with an exhilarating peppermint twist. Dive deep into layers of rich cocoa and refreshing mint.


🖤 Inspired By


A tribute to the aficionados of the dark and rich. Born from the resounding demand for a chocolate bolder than our 54.5%, this bar caters to those who savour the shadowy allure of pure cocoa.


💜 The Outside


Embodying its refreshing core, the packaging is enveloped in a minty green recyclable cardboard sleeve. Adorned with a luscious dark chocolate dip and the signature Buíoch purple, it houses the treasure in recyclable paper.


🌍 Eco-conscious Packaging


Every bite you take reaffirms our promise to the Earth. Each Peppermint Dark Bliss is encased in 100% recyclable packaging, ensuring that nature thrives as much as your taste buds.


🌿 Cocoa Horizons Support


A commitment that goes beyond taste. Sourced from traceable cocoa beans, our bar stands for 100% sustainability. Relish knowing that each bite empowers farmer communities in Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Ecuador.


🍀 Handmade in Ireland


A stamp of authenticity. Infused with Irish artistry, each bar is a testament to handcrafted perfection.


🔍 Ingredients


Dark Chocolate (99%)(cocoa mass 71.0% ; sugar 26.0% ; fat-reduced cocoa powder 2.0% ; emulsifier: SOYA lecithin <1% ; natural vanilla flavouring <1%), Peppermint Oil (1%)