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  • Origin - Brazil, Mogiana

  • Producer - Fazenda Gramada

  • Varietal - Yellow Icatu

  • Altitude - 900 - 1100 masl

  • Process - Natural

  • Notes - Cocoa, brown sugar, tangerine

  • Cupping Score - 85

This coffee, as is the case with most Brazilian, can be enjoyed by everyone, from the specialty coffee connoisseurs to the amateur home brewer. Its delicate tangerine acidity is balanced out with intense body and sweetness and the delicious cocoa forward flavours are a favourite of all coffee lovers.

This coffee lends itself particularly well to milk-based espresso drinks, with the brown sugar and cocoa coming through milk deliciously to create a warm hot chocolate-like drink. If you’re brewing at home, this coffee is perfect for those who enjoy milk in their coffee or crave that more intense, full-bodied flavour with a little less acidity.

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