Bell Lane Coffee - la tierrita - 250g Whole Bean Colombia

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best suitable for: filter/ espresso

1350 masl

pink grapefruit, lime, caramel

Nestled in the scenic municipality of Quimbaya, within Colombia's lush Quindío Department, lies a farm that's as evocative as its name: "Corcega." Perched at 1,350 meters above sea level and blessed with a temperate climate averaging 22°C, this farm is the birthplace of "La Tierrita," an extraordinary coffee of the Caturra variety. The visionary behind this endeavor is Silvia Elana Hincapié, a coffee grower with an impressive three-decade track record in traditional coffee production. Hacienda Corcega is her magnum opus, a place where each step, from harvest to drying, is executed with surgical precision. This meticulous approach extends to the fermentation and cupping processes, ensuring that the coffee surpasses the most stringent quality benchmarks.

But "La Tierrita" isn't a solo act. It's a key component of "The Project Farms El Placer," spearheaded by Sebastián Ramírez. Under his guidance, the project leverages decades of business acumen and international relations expertise to empower the entrepreneurial women at its helm. It's a symbiotic relationship that marries tradition with innovation, fusing the richness of classic coffees with the allure of their exotic counterparts. 

"La Tierrita" is more than just a coffee farm; it's a living testament to the passion, dedication, and craftsmanship that go into every bean. It's about a community of hardworking individuals committed to delivering Colombia's finest to coffee aficionados worldwide. In "La Tierrita," tradition and innovation coalesce to offer something truly extraordinary in the coffee landscape.