Aromabump: The Belly Bible for Aromatherapy in Pregnancy

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"Aromatherapy can be wonderful in helping to have a happy and comfortable pregnancy, and using it can potentially bring many benefits - including helping you to stay relaxed, get a great night's sleep, and ease those aches and pains. So, if you want to use essential oils to support you in your pregnancy, AromaBump is a fantastic guide to keep close at hand.

In this book you will find:

Profiles of 24 essential oils that are safe and fabulously helpful to use in pregnancy
Details of over 30 different pregnancy discomforts and challenges from anxiety to varicose veins, acne to rosacea, and heartburn to stretchmarks - and how aromatherapy can help
Step by step instructions on how to create beautifully fragrant and therapeutic blends to help you feel well in your pregnancy, labour and post-partum
Dozens of exclusive, professionally developed aromatherapy recipes to use in the bath, massage, face and body oils, and for vaporisation around your home

Allow aromatherapy to ease you through your pregnancy, and let AromaBump be your guide!"