Archetypes - The Orphan - A4 Print

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A4 prints of collage & acrylic by Lindsay Merlihan.

The Orphan provokes tenderness and deep love.

The Orphan speaks to us all. We are amidst healing a global disconnection from our Home, our Mother, our natural world. This severance of spirit and loss of our innocent child and wild self has indeed been wounding - and as we look around we still have much work to do.

Isolation, abandonment, extinction, homelessness and the refugee crisis speak for our universal orphanage. Within this core wound concerning disconnection - we are most certainly connected. We've recently experienced this same paradox within quarantine periods of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many have experienced this challenging period of isolation to be a time which birthed creativity, innovative ways to care for one another and connection to home, earth and a simpler life. These serve as remedies to the Orphan.

The Indian Holi Festival, or Festival of Colours, celebrates good over evil, the blossoming of love, creativity, laughter and play. It is a time where broken relationships are mended, debts paid or annulled, forgiveness extended, where friend and foe unite.

A man freshly coloured stands over a metropolis of worker bees enjoying life's true honey.

Embrace your Orphan, welcome them deeply into the Home of your heart. Play there in a space of child-like wonder or rest there tenderly and know you are not alone.