Archetypes - The Firekeeper - A4 Print

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A4 prints of collage & acrylic by Lindsay Merlihan.


The Firekeeper stokes the fire that sustains life.

The Indigenous tribes of the Americas honored a Firekeeper as part of the purification ceremony of sweat lodging.
With unbroken focus, one would stoke the Sacred Fire to awaken the Grandfather rocks that would heat the womb of a sweat lodge.
Similarly, Gwion, in the Druidic story of Taliesin, was endowed with the humble task of tending to the cauldrons brew by keeping the beneath fire burning.

Both the sweat lodge and cauldron are symbols of the womb. And within the womb takes place the process of transformation, perpetuating the cycle of life-death-life.

This image hopes to convey the essence of which we live with The Firekeeper.
A farmer waits in hope that his crop does not fail another year due to drought induced by climate change.
An endless sea of traffic emissions boil off the cauldrons brew.

While we contemplate our global interconnectedness, the Firekeeper keeps us alight.
You may feel the presence of this Archetype within you as you stoke your own matters of hearth; feeding mouths, paying bills, tending the garden.

The Firekeeper keeps us going, sustaining our journey towards transformation. It is a very honorable and essential role indeed.