1988 Round Coasters

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We've got love for you if you were born in the 80s.

Treat yourself with this beautiful pair of coasters. Colour of specks are: Dark Green, Terracotta, Baby Pink and Black.

Base: Offwhite

Please take note that the piece you'll receive will not be 100% exact copy of the image here. No two pieces are the same, no speck will be in the exact spot as they are handmade and that's what makes each piece so special!

Sold as set of 2 coasters.

Wipe dry with a damp cloth. Not dishwasher-proof! Wipe clean all colourants like coffee/tea/wine immediately.

Although this item has been sealed, we don't recommend you using it for food. :)

Measures 100m (diameter) x 10mm (height).

Weighs approximately: 150 g each.