Harry's Nut Butter Hazelnut & Cacao Chocolate Truffles

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Cáin san áireamh Postas ríofa ag an tseiceáil.

Taking our multi award-winning nut butters that are always a little bit sweet, a little bit salty and loaded with flavour,  we've created a brand-new treat that will blow you away. Working with Magic Mayan, a fantastic chocolatier based in the West of Ireland, we've created a vegan truffle made from the finest dark chocolate and our fresh milled and incredible nut butters. They're both perfectly smooth and completely crunchy at the same time.

These brand-new treats will blow you away - vegan truffles made from the finest Irish dark chocolate packed with hazelnut chunks and crunchy cacao nibs that are slightly bitter and floral. Perfectly smooth and completely crunchy at the same time.