Costa Rica Single Origin Nahua 73%

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Cáin san áireamh Postas ríofa ag an tseiceáil.

Nahua is Costa Rica's leading fine flavour cocoa producer with a social mission committed to improving the lives of the local smallholder farmers. Like our other cocoa bean suppliers, Nuhua collects wet beans at the farm gate and ferments them centrally. This takes the burden of mastering the complex fermentation process off the farmer and ensures the cocoa beans are fermented and dried to an exacting standard.

Even in their raw state, these cocoa beans were giving us woody precursors, which carry through to the finished chocolate. During the stone grinding, we were struck by its creaminess and its low bitterness meant we could comfortably make a 73%. 

Cocoa bean variety: Single origin Trinitaro

Harvest: 2020

Origin: Nahua, Costa Rica 

Tasting notes: Plum, licorice, background of woodiness, leather and tobacco.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans and organic sugar

80 gram bar