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Watermelon & Blueberry
Harvest: December 2021

Country: Ethiopia 
Producer: Khalid Shifa
Region: Gomma, Jimma
Process: Honey
Variety: Heirloom 
Altitude: 2,100 masl 

We’ve been excited to roast this coffee since we first tasted it in April. This is not only the first honey processed lot we’ve roasted from Ethiopia, it's the first time we've purchased coffee from a single producer. What's more, its unlike anything we’ve tasted from Ethiopia before!

The average farm size in Ethiopia is very small, and few producers are able to process and market their coffee independently, this is one of the reasons why purchasing coffee from a single farm is rare. It's common for coffee to be sold as whole cherries to a local washing station where it is blended to create larger day lots. We’ve had the pleasure of roasting some fantastic Ethiopian coffees over the years but until now, they've only been traceable back to the washing station and the broader community of growers that deliver their cherries for processing.

Echimo is the name of the farm where Khalid grew up and has been managing with his brother for several years. Khalid inherited the farm from his grandfather which he started as a small plantation using wild coffee varieties sourced from the nearby Choché forest. Many of the old trees are still thriving today which the brothers consider a heritage and take special care of. Some of these trees are so tall that workers have to climb the branches in order to harvest the cherries.

Over the years, the family farm has grown and now extends over 35 hectares in the Jimma appellation at an altitude of 2,100 masl. It is situated in a rich environment with a biodiversity that Khalid and his brother are working to maintain. Khalid has set up a nursery for new coffee plants and they have 25 raised beds for drying and 6 more reserved exclusively for honey processed lots like this one. This coffee is certified organic and shade grown in semi forest.

Expect an incredibly perfumed and fruity cup, with notes of violets, blueberries and watermelon sweets.