Blind Monkey Coffee - Kenya Makwa AA- 250g Wholebean Coffee

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Cáin san áireamh Postas ríofa ag an tseiceáil.

Country: Kenya,  Thika District
Process: fully washed
Varietal: SL28, Ruiru 11
Temperature: 17C-22C
Altitude: 1600mals
Producer: Chania Location Mwahota Ikai

Candied Lemon, Elderflower, Blackcurrant

The Makwa AA is grown in in Thika District, North East of the capital Nairobi. The Makwa Estate is owned by “Chania Location Mwahota Ikai Co Ltd”, who started coffee farming in 1975. The farm is at an altitude of 1,600m, extends over 92 hectares and produces approx. 120 tons of coffee per year.

Coffee at Makwa is wet processed. Red ripe cherry are harvested from the fields. This is then disc-pulped immediately (within 6-8 hours of harvest) and fermented to breakdown the mucilage. When fermentation is complete the parchment is washed with clean water, graded and spread onto raised beds for drying. While sun drying all defective beans are removed by hand.