Archetypes - The Shaman - A4 Print

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Cáin san áireamh Postas ríofa ag an tseiceáil.

A4 prints of collage & acrylic by Lindsay Merlihan.


The Shaman heals by guidance of the natural world. 

The Shaman is like The Mystic in the ways of bridging the apparent world with the unseen. Yet, The Shaman is also our tribe healer, our Medicine Woman - one who observes the interconnectivity of the ecosystem in which we live to guide and support us on our own path of healing.

Today, the term Shaman envelopes many types of healers. Archetypally, it is helpful to understand the Shaman is often nominated by the tribe or happenstance event, undergoing lifelong study with the natural world.

Pictured is an Amazonian shaman or, curanderos, who came from a lineage of others brought up beside the Boiling River. He facilitates psychotropic ceremonies of ayahuasca, moving energy by use of chanting, tobacco smoke and calling upon the Jaguar spirits that watch over the jungle.

If you find yourself working with nature as a healing modality, you are walking with The Shaman. Perhaps you'd like to dive into the book "Original Wisdom" by Robert Wolff, or open yourself to guidance from the trees, plants or animals which inhabit the environment with you.