Archetypes - The Mystic - A4 Print

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Cáin san áireamh Postas ríofa ag an tseiceáil.

A4 prints of collage & acrylic by Lindsay Merlihan.

 Available unframed and framed. 

The Mystic revels in mystery, unafraid.

Since the dawn of religion and esotericism, the Mystic has served as a link between the material world and the Unknown.
This Archetype lives within the great questions of life, within the knowing that there is something larger at play, that some may call Spirit, Source, God/Goddess, Divinity or creative intelligence.

The Mystic is a fierce devotee to the path of transformation and has traditionally been one to cultivate a relationship with the Unknown and attain insight into hidden truths.

A dreamer, intuit and loyal lightworker at heart, the Mystic must practice groundedness to maintain connection with the apparent world and deliver insights effectively.

You may feel the presence of the Mystic within that surreal space upon awaking from a dream, within a deep feeling of trust and inner knowing, or upon that strong intuition to turn right even though all logic says left.