GroundState - Ethiopia - Gedeb Moplaco Yirgacheffe- 250G bag

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Ethiopia - Gedeb Moplaco Yirgacheffe

Tasting notes : Honey, Apricot, Floral 

Variety : Heirloom 

Process : Washed

Score : 86

This Yirgacheffe coffee, fully washed, is collected by Moplaco, in Gedeb woreda, at 400 km in the South of Addis Ababa. Moplaco carefully selects the most beautiful cherries from this well-know terroir. 

Gedeb is around 2000 m from sea level. Farmers have been growing coffee here since very long time, and they continue to use traditional practices and manual picking.
Moplaco insures a perfect tracability of its coffee, which are then prepared for export in the factory of Addis