Stone Valley 250g Whole Beans - Look Into Infinity - Colombia

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Altitude - 1750 MASL

Preparation - Natural

Location - Liendamo, Cauca, Colombia

Variety - Castillo

Profile - Toffee, Vanilla, Chocolate, Sweet

Alexander Cajiao owns the 10ha farm Finca El Magdal which sits at 1750 masl in the Vereda of El Agrado in Peindamo Cauca. The farm is planted with 6ha of coffee and he has the varietals Castillo, Pink Bourbon and very recently geisha. The farm also has 2ha of natural forest reserve that is left protected. Alexander is part of the ACC Cooperative and has been a member for 4 years and he has been producing natural and washed coffees on the farm.


This coffee is an incredible example of the high end coffees coming out of Colombia over the past few years. Definitely a coffee for anyone feeling adventurous. Profile wise it's a big heavy body with a fudge sweetness. We taste lots of toffee and vanilla with a hint of milk chocolate. Can work well on espresso but this is a coffee that really shines on filter


Recommended Listening: Shot Of Love, Bob Dylan, 1981