Manhattan Coffee - Kabingara - Filter - 250g Coffee Beans

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      • origin
      • kenya

      • tastes like
      • cherry

      • lemon

      • peach

      • processing
      • washed

      Our first Kenyan coffee of the year!

      Although having a relatively slow start in coffee growing, the industry in Kenya has built up a great reputation for high-quality coffees. Today, Kenya is primarily composed of smallholder farmers making up 99% of the coffee farming population in Kenya and produce 70% of the country’s coffee production.

      The majority of coffee in Kenya is processed as fully washed and this coffee is no exception. It is composed of a blend of Batian, Ruiri 11, SL 28, and SL 34 coming from 800 smallholders in the region of Kirinyaga. All the farmers deliver their coffee to the Kambingara factory to be processed. The processing begins with the cherry being pulped and then fermented. Following fermentation, the coffee is washed with clean water and laid to dry on raised beds. Workers rake the parchment frequently to ensure even drying. During the hottest time of the day and at night, the coffee is covered to maintain slow drying and protect from moisture. The parchment takes anywhere between 7 to 14 days to dry.

      In the cup, you can expect notes of lemon, peach, and cherry!